Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A morning walk through Senjokei


Ted of Notes From The Nog fame was visiting for a couple of days, so decided to take advantage of the fine weather and went for a hike down Senjokei, a local beauty spot.
It's a narrow gorge that has 12 waterfalls within the space of 3 kilometres.
We started at the top of the gorge in Hiwa, thinking, correctly as it turned out, that on top of the mountains the sun would have already burnt off the mist that was filling the valleys down below.
The trail through Senjokei is part of the Chugoku Nature Trail that passes through most of the interesting spots in Shimane. On all the sections of the trail that I've walked I have yet to see anyone else out walking.
There was a bit of color, though the wet and cloudy weather has made it a less than usually spectacular Fall display this year.
The mountainsides are too steep for the state to clearcut the forest and replace with tree farm
The trail has lots of walkways and stairs constructed to get through and around otherwise impassable sections of the gorge. There are also three pretty footbridges. There are also numerous toilets and picnic shelters along the trail.
The gorge opens out and the river hits the Yato River at Eno.


  1. This looks to be a really beautiful trail. It's near your home? Great pics!

  2. Looks lovely, particularly because it hasn't been clear-cut.