Saturday, November 28, 2009

Concrete wabi sabi: Steps

One weekend one year ago 1483

Concrete is everywhere in japan. Japan pours, by far, more concrete than anywhere else on the planet. One of the few factoids I knew of Japan before I came was that japan was self-sufficient in limestone.

There is an aesthetic to concrete that I call Concrete Wabi sabi.

The first pic is a harbor wall in a tiny fishing village near Hamada.


Also in Hamada, steps down to the river.


Steps down to the river in Hiroshima City.


In Fukuoka City, steps up the ACROS building.

48 Hours. 441 of 600

Also in Fukuoka, spiral staircase to a multi-storey car park.


Steps down to the beach at Kuromatsu, near Gotsu


  1. Your photography is subarashii!

  2. WOW! GREAT! I particularly like the Hamada ones.

  3. Thanks aki and lexi. I'll post another set soon :)

  4. Ahhh, you make the concrete look beautiful, and almost make me feel good about it. but you are not kidding when you talk about concrete in Japan. Since I moved here 2.5 years ago, they have covered four of the mountain slopes along my favorite bike/walking paths with concrete. They are even paving over one of Japan's designated Haku-sen rock walled rice fields with concrete aze.

    No wonder my neighbor is so rich (a concrete layer)

  5. You have outdone yourself with this series - they're fantastic! Finding beauty in woods and streams is not so hard (although capturing it is :)... but finding AND capturing the beauty in something as quotidian as concrete takes an artist's eye. Thank you!

  6. Great photo concept! I never thought to look at the artistic side of all that concrete.

  7. Always enjoy your pics. These are great, thanks.

  8. Thanks englishman. Always enjoy your posts, though I rarely leave comments.