Thursday, March 19, 2009

Typical Japanese Landscape 17


Driving around the past couple of days, this has been a typical view. Fields of rape.

It used to be far more typical.

If you want to know about rapeseed in Japan, this article is excellent.

In fact at a cursory glance the website seems to have some excellent articles on the state of Japanese agriculture as well as information on traditional foods and methods.

Down in northern Hiroshima in Oasa Town they have planted all the unused land in rape. It is then sold at a competitive price to local households. The used oil is then collected and used to power the towns buses and taxis.

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  1. In Canada rapeseed is called canola and there are probably more than a few million acres of it planted on the prairies.It is turned into edible food product of various kinds mostly cooking and salad oil.I'm not aware of much of the oil being used to power vehicles but I like the idea Ojisanjake. cjg of eroticalee