Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sakura madness finale


Well,.. the sakura are in full bloom now, and still no sign of blue tarps!

I've come to the conclusion that Ohanami is pretty much a thing of the cities and towns.

For the first few ohanami seasons I experienced in the countryside I asked my neighbors if they had been cherry blossom viewing, and they just looked at me quizzicly.


The main reason I think is because cherry trees are everywhere round here! In any direction you look there are cherry trees. In fact they cherry trees outnumber the people, whereas in the towns and cities people outnumber the cherry trees by a factor of many hundreds. So, round here cherry blossom viewing is not a special activity, its just something you do everyday.

A drive to Ato 6820

I prefer the wild cherry trees that are scattered all over the mountainsides rather than the ones planted densely in lines.

A walk from Ato to Tsuwano 6878

But my favorite view is at night.

A walk from Ato to Tsuwano 7012


  1. Good sakura collection. Pink flowers are sakura as well ?

  2. I agree about the wild ones. Last year, I had to sit through an 8 hour meeting, and I could see a few scattered on a distant hilltop through the window. I did NOT want to be in that meeting!

  3. These are awesome snaps. Lovely lovely indeed.

  4. I follow and read your post. You have good pictures and details. I've seen this blossoms. The last time i visited Japan during springtime.

  5. You have a really beautiful site that keeps me intrested to visit often. I love sakura and my most favorite view of sakura has become when they are starting to fall, you see those petals get scatterd in a gusty wind and showring on people passing by.I'd admit I don't much like the ohanami craze though.