Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sakura madness.


Just in front of our frontdoor is a cherry tree we planted 3 years ago.
I noticed yesterday that one bud had bloomed.
Strangely, I felt no compulsion to spread out sheets of blue plastic, invite dozens of people, get stinking drunk, and do karaoke.
I guess I just don't appreciate nature!


  1. I noticed last year that the cherry blossom time just passed by without any special activities. Everyone here was just too busy waking up from the winter and getting ready for the spring/summer farming. No one had the time to put out a blue sheet under the tree, but they still talked about how beautiful it was. We all enjoyed the blossoms *as we worked* outside, not as a distraction from our work inside behind the computer, as I am used to from Tokyo.

  2. I will have an opportunity to witness Sakura madness next weekend. I've heard that Cherry blossom is especially beautiful at Yasukuni shrine.