Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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Iwami Kagura Mask index

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All of these masks are made in Iwami of traditional materials, japanese paper, glue, ground shell, pigments etc. No two masks are the same. It can take up to 4 weeks to complete all the processes and layers that go into it. They are functional Kagura masks, but are also commonly used in houses to scare evil spirits away. Please contact me at ojisanjake ((at)) for prices, details, or with any enquiries. Click on any mask title for more details.

Shrine index

An index of all the Shinto Shrines that I have covered in this blog. Some of the older posts no longer have photos. If you want you can request that I add the photos again to a particular post. Just add a comment.

I most cases I list the various kami that are enshrined at the shrine and also any interesting history

Currently 256 shrines listed

Shrines in Iwami

Asama Shrine, Yasaka
Gokoku Shrine, Hamada
Hamada Hachimangu, Hamada
Ichiki Shrine, Ichiki
Imamiya Shrine, Hamada
Ishigami Shrine, Matsubara, Hamada
Itsukushima Shrine, Matsubara, Hamada
Itsukushima Shrine, Setogashima, Hamada
Izumo Taisha Shrine, Hamada
Kagamiyama Tenmangu, Hamada
Kitahachimangu, Oda
Kitahachimangu Inari
Konpira Shrine, Honmozan, Arifuku
Mihashinoyama Shrine, Hamada
Mononobe Shrine
Nibehime Shrine
Niigusohimenomikoto Shrine
Noshiro Shrine
Omoto Shrine, Yato
Omoto Shrine, Togawa
Omoto Shrine, Hamada
Otoshi Shrine, Hamada
Sanku Shrine, Hamada
Shakechi Hachiman Shrine, Hamada
Shimoyama Inari Shrine, Hamada
Sotoura Konpira Shrine, Matsubara, Hamada
Suga Shrine, Matsubara, Hamada
Sugio Hachimangu, Ichiki
Taikodani Inari Shrine
Takada Hachimangu
Otoshi Shrine, Tsunozu
Washibara Hachimangu
Yasaka Shrine, Tsuwano

Shrines in Izumo

Adakaya Shrine

Arashima Hachimangu
Ayo Shrine
Bentenjima Shrine
Chikuya Shrine
Dejima Shrine
Enya Shrine
Funadami Inari Shrine

Hashima Shrine
Hihara Shrine
Hinobori Shrine
Hinomisaki Shrine

Hitsu Shrine
Iha Shrine
Iishi Shrine
Inari Shrine, Kiyomizudera
Inasa Shrine
Inasehagi Shrine

Iya Shrine
Iya Inari Shrine
Izumo Taisha
Jozan Inari Shrine (minor)

Junisho Shrine
Kanbara Shrine
Karakama Shrine
Karakuni Shrine

Karinomiya Shrine
Kari no Miya Kojin Shrine

Kojin Shrine, Iya
Kora Shrine
Kumano Shrine, Honjo
Kumano Taisha
Kumu Shrine
Kurami Shrine
Manai Shrine
Matarajin Shrine
Mefu Shrine

Mishiro Shrine 
Mitoya Tenmangu
Mokoso Shrine
Nogi Shrine
Oi Shrine
Otaki Shrine
Otobe Inari Shrine
Omiya Shrine, Udo

Onamuchimikonokami no Yashiro
Otoshi Shrine, Inome

Oyama Shrine
Rokusho Shrine
Sada Shrine
Sanematsu Hachimangu
Sanja Shrine
Serida Shrine
Shusai Hachimangu
Sokinoya Shrine
Suetsugu Shrine

Suga Shrine, Hirose
Tahara Shrine, Matsue

Take Shrine
Takeuchi Shrine
Tamatsukuriyu Shrine
Tamatsukuriyu Inari Shrine
Tamatsukuri Fertility Shrine
Tarumi Shrine
Teono Shrine

Terutoko Shrine
Toda Hachimangu
Tsukigata Shrine
Unochi Shrine
Ushio Shrine
Yaguchi Shrine
Yumachi Hachimangu

Shrines in Kyoto
Akiba Shrine, Nishigamo
Ebisu Shrine, Gion
Genbu Shrine
Imamiya Shrine
Izumoji Sainokami Shrine
Jishu Shrine
Kamigamo Shrine
Kenkun Shrine
Kuga Shrine
Nishigamo Mura-sha
Shimogamo Shrine
Taishogun Shrine, Nishigamo
Tosa Inari Shrine
Wakamiya Hachimangu
Yasaka Shrine

Shrines in Hiroshima

Wakamiya Hachimangu, Miyoshi
Takahirayama Shrine, Miyoshi
Matsubara Inari Shrine, Miyoshi
Otoshi Shrine, Miyoshi

Ikkyu Shrine, Onomichi
Ushitora Shrine, Onomichi 
Misode Tenmangu
Mitarai Tenmangu
Sumiyoshi Shrine, Mitarai
Kubo Hachimangu

Shrines in Nara

Anasenimasu Shrine, Sakurai

Asuka Nimasu Shrine
Hakusan Shrine, Tenri
Haruta Shrine
Hibara Shrine, Sakurai
Isonokami Shrine, Tenri
Izanagi Shrine, Tenri
Ketsuwake Shrine
Minakuchi Shrine, Tenri
Oharetsu mountain shrines
Omiwa Shrine, Sakurai
Sai Shrine, Sakurai
Sumo Shrine, Sakurai
Tanzan Shrine
Yatogi Shrine, Tenri

Shrines in Okayama

Arisanomiya Shrine
Fertility Shrine

Fuku Shrine, Shizutani
Hinase Hachimangu
Karube Shrine
Kibitsu Shrine
Kibitsuhiko Shrine
Koikui Shrine

Nishiyama Inari Shrine, Shodoshima
Okazaki Shrine, Kidani
Soja Shrine
Tenmangu Shrine, Tsudera

Yama Shrine, Irinaka

Shrines in Kyushu

Aoshima Shrine
Chiroku Shrine
Goh Shrine

Gokoku Shrine, Usuki
Hachiman Asami Shrine
Hachizu Shrine, Oita
Hirakiki Shrine
Hiyoshi Shrine, Nogata
Itsukushima-gu, Togo
Iwasaki Shrine, Usa
Kagoshima Jingu
Kasuga Shrine, Yukuhashi
Kibune Shrine, Bungokawachi
Kibune-gu, Iizuka
Kifune Shrine, Saigi
Kirishima Jingu
Kitayama Shrine
Komo Shrine
Koshinsha, Nogata
Kumanosha Shrine
Kushida Shrine
Matsuo Shrine, Minamikokura
Mifune Shrine
Miyazaki Jingu
Naka Homan Shrine
Nakiri Shrine
Nanten Inari Shrine
Noma Hachimangu
Noso Hachimangu
Oharahachiman Shrine
O Shrine
Oimatsu Shrine, Sasaguri
Sakurahachiman Shrine
Shohachimangu Shrine
Sohachiman Shrine
Taga Shrine, Nogata
Takami Shrine
Tenmangu Shrine, Fukura
Terukuni Shrine
Sumiyoshi Shrine

Togo Hachimangu
Tonoe Shrine, Moji
Tsukiyomi Shrine
Tsuno Shrine
Tsunomaki Shrine
Udo Jingu
Umi Hachimangu
Utono Inari Shrine
Wakamitsu Inari
Yasaka Shrine, Bungo Takeda
Yasaka Shrine, Usuki
Yasuura Shrine
Yokote Otoshi-gu
Yowara Shrine

Shrines in Tottori

East Well Shrine

Hakuto Shrine
Kono Shrine, Chizu

Ochidani Shrine
Tanegaike Bentengu

Ube Shrine

Shrines in Shiga

Hiyoshi Taisha

Hiyoshi Taisha part 2

Shrines in Shikoku