Friday, April 12, 2024

Zenpukuji Temple 79 Kyushu pilgrimage


Zenukuji Temple is located in Imafuku, now part of Matsuubara City. It is the only Shingon temple in Imafuku and the only temple I visited on day 69 of my walk around Kyushu.

The temple has strong links with the Matsuura Clan after whom the city is named. The temple was established in 1335 as a Betto of Imamiya Shrine. 

The Imamiya Shrine enshrined the founder of the Matsuura Clan, and the temple was established as a place for the Buddhist priests who performed rituals at the shrine. . In the 17th century, the temple was moved to its current site from further inland.

The ceiling of the main hall had some beautiful ceiling paintings.

The honzon of the temple is a standing Amida Nyorai.

The main gate was relocated from a Tenmangu Shrine.

I arrived from the "back" way from the other side of the hill and through the neighbouring shrine.  88 statues with red bibs stood along the path.

At the base of the stairs running up to the main gate is an eclectic collection of small statues.


  1. Some striking sights - certainly looks worth a visit.

  2. This one is special. Thanks. I love traveling vicariously with you all over Japan.