Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kyushu Pilgrimage Temple 23 Komyoin

Located against a cliff below one of the samurai districts in the old castle town of Kitsuki, just south of the Kunisaki Peninsula is Komyo-in, number 23 on the Shingon Kyushu Pilgrimage.

In 1645, Matsudaira Hideko was given control of the domain and he constructed a Kimon, a temple to guard the NE direction, and he chose Fudo Myo as the main deity.

In early Meiji the temple was destroyed in the anti-Buddhist movement, but the statue of Fudo Myo was transferred to this new location.

As well as the statue of Fudo in the main hall there are numerous other statues of Fudo around the grounds.

The Goma-do, the space for the Goma Ritual, is located inside a cave where another statue of Fudo plus 4 other Myo are enshrined.


  1. Very interesting text and images

  2. Nice to read your travelogue. Love to walk Kyushu 108 temples. Just Order 九州八十八ヶ所百八霊場ガイド詳細巡拝地図コース案内 from JP Amazon, eager to find out more, and intend to walk in late Fall.

    1. good luck. If you have any questions please email me