Monday, October 12, 2015

Shikoku Pilgrimage Day 10


On the morning of my tenth day walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage I awoke in Kiki to the promise of a fine day as I headed to Hiwasa and the next pilgrimage temple Yakuoji. The main road headed through a long tunnel so I decided to take the longer, but more scenic route on the small,  windy road that headed over the hills.


From the top I could see the distinctive tower of Yakuoji and also the reconstructed castle in the small town.


Before the construction of the new tunnel this would have been the main road down the coast, and there were several small Shinto shrines along the way.


Dropping down into a small bay there were nice views down the rocky coast.


I am guessing this would have been the original pilgrimage route as there were also numerous wayside Buddhist statues, most with fresh offerings placed in front of them.


  1. I hope your enjoying posting your pictures as much as I'm enjoying viewing them There is usually little to comment on other than 'theses are so beautiful'
    Thank you !!