Thursday, May 7, 2015

More Statues at Kobo-ji Temple in Hagi


This is the second post on the many statues found in the grounds of Kobo-ji temple in Hagi. This first one looks distinctly bored.


None of the statuary was particularly outstanding, but there were a lot of them and they were quite diverse.


The previous post can be found here


Whatever was hidden behind these multiple layers of curtains has a story attached to it. "This tragic love story is similar to a verse of long epic "Everlasting Regret"by Hakukyoi who was a famous poet during Tang Dynasty. In the Genroku Era ( 1688-1704) some beloved concubine Kikuyo fell in forbidden love with some handsome page Fusanojo. Their employer got angry and banished him to an island. Before leaving her he promised her to make a faire every evening for her until he dies. Two months later its smoke had stopped. In her sorrow, she threw herself into the sea from the nearby Kikugahama Beach. Their employer felt pity and built this lovers grave for them.


The final photo is a figure I am always on the look out for,,,,, Fudo MyoO.