Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shikoku 88, Temple 21, Tairyuji


Tairyu-ji, which means Great Dragon Temple, is one of the few locations on the pilgrimage that can be historically verified as a location where Kukai visited. He spent 50 days on the mountaintop as a youth performing a ritual with a mantra being repeated 1,000,000 times. A statue of him can be found on a mountaintop below the temple.


The temple is at 610 meters above sea level and affords some expansive views....... there is now a ropeway to the summit. Looking back, it is possible to see the pagoda from temple 20 rising through the trees on the next mountain.


Kukai later returned to the site under orders from Emperor Kammu and founded the temple and became its first head priest.


It is a Shingon temple, and the main deity is Kokuzo, whose mantra Kukai recited.



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