Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Flowers of Shikoku


Continuing with some more photos of flowers I noticed while walking around Shikoku on the 88 temple pilgrimage. This one was in the mountains of Tokushima the day after the typhoon had passed in early September.


These were growing in late September in the bank between rice paddies just across from bangai temple 4, Saba Daishi, where I spent the night in the free accomodation.


These were growing in early October down in Kochi after rounding Cape Muroto


These were a few days later a little south of Kochi City. I am afraid I am not very knowledgeable about what any of these flowers are..... maybe a reader can enlighten us?


Of course one place you will always find flowers are beneath buddhist statues and gravestones. These were at temple 32 Zenjibuji. Many times they will not be real flowers, but these were. I remember being very impressed with the flowers on diplay in Mitakedera in Hiroshima and marvelling at how dedicated the staff must be to have so many fresh flowers on offer and when I looked closely realizing that they were plastic.


  1. I cannot be certain but they appear to be: something in the hibiscus family, something in the allium family, cosmos, and celosia. And the fake ones are meant to be gerbera daisies. :)
    I have only recently discovered your blog but I check it nearly every morning!

  2. I agree with the descriptions by Elisa van der Paardt.