Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shikoku 88 Temple 14 Jorakuji


Jorakuji, the 14th temple on the Shikoku pilgrimage is unusual in several respects. The first being that whereas many temples have carefully manicured gardens and large flat areas of raked gravel, Jorakuji is built on an uneven rocky outcropping with nary a flat spot anywhere.


The second unusual feature is the main deity which is Miroku Bosatsu, known as the "Future Buddha" and who is believed will become a buddha in the future to save all people. It is the only temple on the pilgrimage with this as the main deity.


Meaning "temple of everlasting peace" Jorakuji belongs to the Shingon sect and legend has it was founded by Kukai.


It is believed that diabetes can be cured by praying here and drinking tea made from the leaves of the Yew tree that grows here.


There is also a legend of a woman who carried her crippled husband 5 times around the pilgrimage and on the sixth circuit he was healed here so it is also popular for disabled people.


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  1. I love these pictures Jake. I can understand you wanting to be in Japan, and expecially your wife is the best of all, that lured you to Japan also. and something keeps you stayng there. I still miss "view from the program". do you think/believe that a buddha will really arrive and save the world or something like that? I hope that it is true.

    Thanks for this Jake. One day when my rich uncle gets out of the poor house, I will come to see you and wife and all your relatives there.

    Much love to both of you and to Japan.