Sunday, April 8, 2012

Izumo Yayoinomori Museum

Stumbled upon a brand new museum up in Izumo a few days ago. The Izumo Yayoinomori Museum is just across the road from the Nishitani Tumuli Park, a cluster of Yayoi Period tombs on the hill a little southeast of Izumo Station.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was entrance free to the main exhibition areas, but also that photography was allowed. There is nothing worse, to my mind, than paying an exorbitant entrance fee and then not being allowed to take photos.

The focus of the displays are on the adjacent tombs, with examples of the grave goods excavated from them as well as diaramas showing how they believe the tombs were constructed, and the internal structure. Overall I was quite impressed by the displays and found them most educational, though there is little explanation in English.

The adjacent tombs, 5 in all, were constructed in the early 3rd Century and are in the distinctive design uinique to this part of Japan, being square with 4 protruberences extending out from each corner. On of the tombs can be entered.


  1. Great find! Japanese history is facinating and its great you're able to experience a bit of it. Its too bad they haven't done something similar for the Kofun.

  2. There used to be an outdoor Yayoi village on the plain just east of Izumo-shi (but before the airport) near the place where they discovered a cache of swords, pottery and magatama. Is that still there?

  3. Hi DCL, yes , you are referring to Kojindani,
    there are reconstructions of yayoi sites at several other places as well

  4. Merci Jake....
    C'est heureux de pouvoir photographier les oeuvres !!!..
    J'aime la poterie et ce buste est de toute beauté....avec ses
    cheveux tressés sur la tête..Son visage est doux et ces bijoux de couleurs lui vont bien...
    Paupau de Nîmes..

  5. Thanks for your reply - it just makes one wonder how many Yayoi-themed museums such a town can sustain.