Monday, January 16, 2012

Typical Japanese Landscape 31


Japan has about 30,000 kilometers of coastline.


Much of it is covered in concrete, but many sections remain quite beautiful, especially if you get away from the industrialized and urban sections.


All of these photos are from the eastern coast of Shikoku, from Minami Town in Tokushima down to Cape Muroto in Kochi.


Many henro complain about this section of the route as there is a long section of three days walking with little in the way of "civilization", but I thoroughly enjoyed that section



  1. Very beautiful but I haven't seen such a landscape when I was in Japan, not even in Ise.


  2. Hi Filip.... like I said, you got to get away from that industrial urban strip that runs from Tokyo down to Kitakyushu..

  3. Apparently many Japanese prefer to see the hand of human intervention in the landscape, and find completely natural scenery uninteresting. Explains the idea that the area you picture here is seen as "boring". Nothing left to chance. Thus Japanese gardens, flower arranging, bonsai, etc.

  4. I was in Japan in May and traveling by train between Matsue and Hagi I was amazed at the beauty of the coast. I stood on the beach at Hagi and marveled at the beauty of the landscape. These photographs reveal other areas of beauty. I live in Australia where sea and sky stretch as far as the eye can see. Thank you for these photographs and the reminder they bring of my visit to Hagi. Jennifer

  5. Hi jennifer.... I live about halfway between matsue and hagi so know the coastline very well..... it is much more beautiful than the southern coast of Honshu...

  6. What to say about these landscape!
    Thank You for these photos