Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tengu Hornbeam


This is the draincover for the town of Oasa in the mountains of northern Hiroshima. Its where we usually get on and off the expressway when driving long distances. I havent actually looked around or explored Oasa.

The tree is a Tengu Shide. The english name for shide is Hornbeam, and I must admit I have never heard of them. there is a good article on them here.

If you look on the right of the draincover you can see a tengu. Apparently the tengu shide is a mutation and the only place in the world it grows is around Oasa. According to the local story, if you try climbing one of these trees a tengu will appear and throw you off.

Lots of tengu blogs here


  1. I deeply appreciate your vigorous practice about drain covers.

  2. What a nice post this one is. I learned more details about Japan (where I lived for 3 years) than I ever learned while I was there. I wasn't interested in things like drain covers but was more interested in those things that all soldiers are interested in, including Sapporo beer in bottles. I saw some of the beer in cans and didn't believe it.

  3. love your draincover series. the world would be a better place if all countries made artful draincovers!

  4. I have grown native and European Hornbeams in Memphis for 20 years. They do well but are not commonly grown here. The original European settlers in North America used Hornbeam wood for tool handles due to its strength. Like Honest Abe above I am learning much from your postings even after having lived in Japan for 17 years. Also appreciate your link to Nature In Japan. Thanks again for your postings.

  5. Until I started following your blog, I never knew, or even thought, that manhole covers could be artful! I wonder if any other countries do this? I've never seen anything like this in the U.S. Thanks for all you do!