Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tenjin on the beach


Starting this weekend and running for 2 weeks is a sand sculpture event on the beach in front of Aquas. The theme is Iwami kagura.


On Friday evening only 2 sculptures had been completed, the artists were hard at work on a third. It looks like there will be 8 in total.


To open the event, kagura was performed on friday and saturday night.

Friday night was the group from nearby Arifuku Onsen.


The first dance was Tenjin, based on the story of Sugawara Michizane who was banished to Kyushu and died there. Posthumously he was raised in rank and became the kami of scholarship. Students preparing for exams will visit a Tenmangu shrine.

The first part of the dance consists of Sugawara and an aide waffling on about how unfair it all is.


The second part is a sword battle with Fujiwara Tokihira, the man responsible for Sugawaras banishment. Tokihira is of course killed.

It was a very competent performance, very tight, which is not surprising as the Arifuku Onsen group play once a week....