Thursday, February 3, 2011

The tallest torii in Japan


This is not the tallest torii in Japan! It is probably the 4th tallest. It is on the road to Saijo Inari in Okayama Prefecture and is 28 meters high.

It is 3 meters higher than the torii at Yasukuni Shrine which many websites falsely claim is the highest in Japan. Apparently the Yasukuni website makes this claim, but if you believe anything that place says you are asking to be lied to.

Many websites claim that the torii leading to Heian Jingu in Kyoto is the tallest in Japan, but it is only 24 meters high.

Taller than Saijo Inari torii is the Yahiko Shrine torii in Niigata. It is 30 meters high.

Probably the second-tallest torii in Japan at 32 meters is this one at Omiwa in Nara. ( when I first researched Omiwa about 8 years ago it was the highest)

But, as far as I can ascertain the tallest torii in Japan, built in 2003, and with a height of 33 meters is at Kumano Hongu Taisha in Wakayama.

Try typing "tallest torii in Japan" into any search engine and see how long it takes you find these statistics......


  1. Any idea how tall the one at Tsuwano is ?it can be seen from Taikodani Inari Jinja ,it is bright red and looks as though it might be above the San-in Road,sitting amongst the pines.

  2. Hi Llewellyn....I know that torii well... yes, its just off Rout 9 over the road down into Tsuwano..... cant find an exact height, but I would be surprised if it was higher than 20 meters.... by comparison the one at Izumo taisha is 22.5m