Sunday, February 27, 2011

Africa! The sand sculptures in Tottori

Just behind the sand dunes in Tottori is the Sand Art Museum that opened in 2006 and has just finished its fourth exhibition on the theme of Africa.

Artists from Europe, North America, and Australia created large scale sculptures and tableau. The exhibition ran from April 2010 until January 2011, so I suspect the are now working on the fifth exhibition.

Most of the sculptures are in the open air, so I suspect there must be some kind of resin or epoxy mixed with the sand to allow them to survive in the weather.

One huge tableau though was exhibited under several canvas structures.


Each exhibition has gotten larger and involved more invited artists, so it will be interesting to see what the next theme will be.


  1. they are absolutely amazing, the monkey looks like he is about to give a speech. Interesting that they are so short lived - like the cherry blossoms.

  2. Amazing sculptures!!
    Monkeys and elephants are wonderful!
    So sad that hey are only temporary pieces of art :(

  3. That's really cool. Everything is so detailed and precise. Who knew you could do that with sand!

  4. Magnificent photos with a nice color and excellent framing of these amazing sculptures.

  5. Too bad I missed that. I went to Tottori in April 2011. Yet it was really great. I enjoyed the sand dunes for hours :)