Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vacation 2010 Day 10: Wurzburg (morning)


On my second day in Wurzburg I met up with a few other camera buffs and continued exploring.
Churches were of course on the itinerary and again it was the light inside them that contin ued to attract me.


Like the scales of some prehistoric dinosaur, the slate tiles of the roofs sometimes took on organic forms.....


Corridor in the Julius Spital, a 16th Century hospital


The stairwell in a modern section of the Julius Spital.


The churches and cathedrals had some pretty impressive organs, but the most unusual-looking one was in the Augustiner Kirche.


In a small garden around the grave of Walter von der Vogelweide, a 12th Century knight and poet.


  1. I really love your pics. Waaaoooh. So beautiful. Thank you very much again.

  2. Great as always! I'm always impressed by the way you are able to find yourself in such amazing places. Even when you're in between such places you seem gifted in being able to see the beauty in so many things. Luckily for us this is well captured through your keen eye, and clear thought - not to mention great lenswork. Luv your texture and pattern work especially.