Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spring reflections


There's a freezing wind howling outside, and a couple of inches of snow have fallen in the past day, so winter has certainly arrived a little earlier than usual, so for some reason my thoughts return to the fine spring we had.


In April I went for a 50k bike ride, starting up in the mountains near Mizuho, coming down to Kawamoto, then down the river home. The last 15k coming down into Kawamoto I didn't have to touch the pedals at all,... my kind of cycling :)


Up in the mountains the growing season is shorter, so the paddies are flooded and planted earlier than down here on the river.


It was a still. windless day, and almost cloudless, perfect conditions to capture the reflections.



  1. Excellent photos yo u shoot there! As you say, "almost cloudless ... capture the reflections" lucky you and I envy that.

  2. Beautiful places....coming from Europe,I am no longer in intersted in snow, so I live in the warmer parts.... just watching the news and the weather report is enough for me. I can go biking here all year round...