Monday, December 7, 2009

O-miki by the barrel

A morning at Matsuo Shrine 4450

A huge stack of sakedaru (sake barrels) at Matsuo Shrine near Kyoto. Matsuo is the home of the patron kami of sake brewers.


Sake when offered to the kami is known as O-miki. It is one of the primary offering (shinsen) to the kami. After a ceremony the omiki will be shared among the participants and congregation.

I don't drink sake, but gladly drink omiki.

A morning at Matsuo Shrine 4449

The wooden sakedaru are wrapped in a ricestraw blanket to protect them during transportation.

48 Hours. 225 of 600

Most of the major shrines will have a stack of sakedaru, usually, but not always, donated by brewers.




  1. I love all the different designs on the barrels. Can I ask if you took these early morning or sundown? Or perhaps neither!?! I'm mainly referring to the light in the penultimate pic.

  2. That was Dazaifu Tenmangu, late afternoon, October