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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Path in Autumn

The path through the garden at the former Chikurin-in Temple in Sakamoto. December 2019.

Sometimes I think I will just post a single photo that I like. I have about 150,000 to choose from.

My own tastes are for photos that I think look like paintings and/or of details......not the big picture. Often leaning towards the abstract and/or geometric.....

Of course my photos are available for purchase, either in print form, or digitally.

I have sold some photos for book and CD covers, etc, and licensed  a lot for different websites, but I would like to sell more......

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Concrete wabi sabi: Steps

One weekend one year ago 1483

Concrete is everywhere in japan. Japan pours, by far, more concrete than anywhere else on the planet. One of the few factoids I knew of Japan before I came was that japan was self-sufficient in limestone.

There is an aesthetic to concrete that I call Concrete Wabi sabi.

The first pic is a harbor wall in a tiny fishing village near Hamada.


Also in Hamada, steps down to the river.


Steps down to the river in Hiroshima City.


In Fukuoka City, steps up the ACROS building.

48 Hours. 441 of 600

Also in Fukuoka, spiral staircase to a multi-storey car park.


Steps down to the beach at Kuromatsu, near Gotsu