Monday, September 7, 2009

More Yosakoi


Posting the pictures of the Yosakoi last weekend prompted me to dig out some old photos from the Kawamoto matsuri 4 or 5 years ago.


I watched a program on TV last night from this years big Yosakoi Matsuri in Kochi City. Most of those groups were large and danced in formation as they paraded down the streets.


These groups at the kawamoto matsuri tended to be small, much younger, and danced in a style much closer to pop or rock.


One thing common to all Yosakoi dancing though is that you have to have fun. Or at least appear to have fun.



  1. Hello from Portugal! Just wanted to let you know that i like your graphic photography. I try to have the same look : ) Oh! And i'm a big fan oj japanese culture but i've never been there : ( One day... who knows? Continue with your great work!

  2. Yes I agree with TruSka above great graphic and wonderfull transference of feeling from the subjects to the digital compositions. Yosakoi; real fun or fake fun, it's hard to tell when it's contagious!