Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Slideshows of Japan

Thanks to the wonders of digital camera technology, it's now possible to take thousands of photos at almost no cost!

And I do!

Rather than take individual photos, my main interest is in slideshows. Over at my ipernity site (ipernity is similar to flickr, but better) I currently have more than 14,000 photos, most of them of Japan, organized into 158 slideshows.

One of my favorite activities is to go somewhere I've never been before and walk around taking photos of whatever my eyes are drawn to. That is usually the content of each slideshow, with the sequence arranged chronologically.

For example, I've recently posted several blogs on Aquas Aquarium. The photos were taken from 2 visits I made to the aquarium.

If you are interested, I suggest grabbing a beverage, putting on some music, and sitting back and coming along with me as I explore.

click on the link, and the controls for the slideshow (pause, full screen, etc) are easy to figure out.

An afternoon at the aquarium (125 photos)

2 hours around Aquas
(133 photos)

Actually you can click on almost every photo in my blog and it will take you to the slideshow it is a part of.


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