Sunday, January 25, 2009

A couple of paintings


I used to do a lot of painting before I got into making masks, so I thought I'd post a couple.
This first one is titled Tanijyugo Anniversary, and I painted it to mark one year of living in Tanijyugo, so that must have been 5 years ago.


This second one is titled Mononobe. The Mononobe were an old clan in ancient Yamato, but it is also a major shrine in Iwami. When I first visited it I was impressed with the chigi, the cross-pieces on the roof.


Another element in my paintings is the shimenawa, the rope that marks sacred space.

An evening on Tsunoshima 664

Both paintings are acrylic on paper, approx 38 cms. sq.
They are of course for sale :)


  1. Ojisan, please teach me to be ur pupil.
    Yoroshiku, oji-sensei

  2. Wow, your paintings are really beautiful. I wish I had a print. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks. You would be surprised how affordable they are :)
    There are more here