Thursday, January 29, 2009

Selfridges, Bullring, Birmingham


Some more architecture pics not from Japan.

When I first saw this amazing building I was surprised to learn that it was in Birmingham, a fairly ugly city in the midlands of England.


A little later I had to change buses in Birmingham so took the opportunity to take a few shots, but then went back to Birmingham about a year ago specifically to shoot it again.

One day in Birmingham with Viages 2908

Designed by Future Systems, it opened in 2003 and houses a branch of Selfridges Department Store.

One day in Birmingham with Viages 2924

The inside is not particularly interesting.

One day in Birmingham with Viages 2917

My favorite shot is this one, shot through the window of the pedestrian tunnel that connects the store to the parking.

One Day in Birmingham with Viages2914


  1. bullring is so sik i luv it not only for the cicles but for the clothes and shoes lol k then by 4r now