Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fall colors: Dangyo Gorge


We've had freezing gale-force winds and snow flurries, so all the leaves have fallen off the trees, but here are some pics from 2 weeks ago when we took some friends up to Dangyo Gorge.

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Dangyo Gorge is located just off Route 261 between Iwami Town and Imbara. 261 now punches a hole straight through the mountain, so you take the turnoff along the old road. The limestone gorge has been carved by the water and there is a section of about 500 metres where the floor of the valley is solid rock sculpted into nice shapes.


In the bottom of the gorge is a small park with garden, vending machines (of course), and a small shrine. Footpaths go up and down the gorge and climb out to the road at several points.


On top of the gorge is a small hotel that only opens in the summer season, and a campsite open all year. There is a small settlement of farms further down the valley.


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