Sunday, December 21, 2008

Around Aquas


Last week when we went to Aquas we didn't actually go into the aquarium, but explored behind it (there is no entrance fee to the park :))


I was very pleasantly surprised, it is a nicely landscaped garden with artificial stream and pond.


There is a solar-heated atrium, and from inside it one can descend and come out


...behind an artificial waterfall.


There is a big playground for the kids ( and adults who can appreciate it :)
The bright, sculptural play area was designed by painter Kei Amatsu who lives in Tsuwano and who has executed a lot of public art in Shimane and across Japan.


And of course, across the bridge in front of the aquarium is 5 kilometres of fine sandy beach.

All in all, you can spend a pleasant few hours at Aquas without spending any money

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