Monday, October 6, 2008

Kansai International Airport (Departures)

One night in Kansai Airport 4053

The terminal building at Kansai International Airport is the longest in the world,... 1.7 kilometres.

One night in Kansai Airport 4057

The 4-story "canyon" is part of Renzo Piano's award-winning design. Built on an artificial island at huge cost, the island sank 3 metres more than predicted and so several billion more dollars were spent.

One night in Kansai Airport 4055

Incredibly light and airy, it's a very comfortable airport to spend time in, partly because its not very busy.

One night in Kansai Airport 4066

Piano's initial sketch was of a glider landed on the island, and the departure lounges are the wings stretching out on either side of the main terminal.


  1. The airport is beautiful through your eyes. I have a very brief memory of the place. I got on the wrong train and nearly missed my flight out of KIX. From the time I arrived at the airport until the time I was actually in the air took only about 10 minutes. Needless to say I was running the whole time and didn't get to enjoy the view a bit.

  2. I've overnighted there a couple of times, so wandered alone through it's vastness