Friday, October 3, 2008

Small Hanya mask 2


This is another version of the small Hanya mask in Iwami Kagura style. The hanya masks are the most popular in terms of sales, and its the most popular search term bringing visitors to this blog! What little is known about Hanya masks I've written here


There are only about 3 or 4 different forms and shapes for Hanya masks around here, but the painting and shading makes for a much wider range of appearances. I love seeing new kagura groups with masks by different mask-makers and studying their different styles.


This one is an older mask carved in wood. It is too big to be used as a performance mask, and was made as a decoration to scare off evil spirits, the use made of most hanya masks sold.


Over time I will be posting lots more of my masks, and they are for sale, so please contact me if interested.

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  1. How much will it cost? I might be interested, please write me

  2. this might sound silly, but what mask is good for keeping negitive spirits out of my home? The mask that u have made have they all been used in dance or and rituals. sometimes both :)i wish i had all the time in the world so i could learn the art of making mask from a pro like you . the truth is i want to learn pretty much every type of art. i would be willing to buy a mask, i love the hanya smilingmask that u have made in the past. looks real smooth gold horns and teeth long black hair, lime green face, i cant seem to find it so i could show you which one im talking about. but im sure u have your hands full. please get back too me at