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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hunting the Fall Color 2016 Day 3

The third day was overcast and showery, but while taking shelter at the train station in Takahama in the late afternoon I was blessed with a full 180 degree rainbow that over time shrank as the rain passed.

At the start of the day I stopped in at Iwamuroinari Shrine and the splash of color against the colorful honden was nice.

At Matsunoodera, temple 29 of the Saigoku Pilgrimage there was some color, especially the gold of the Gingko tree.

In front of the temples treasure hall was a small garden with sacred rock.

At Nakayamadera temple, part of another Kannon Pilgrimage, but not part of the Saigoku, I had hoped to see inside at some of the special statuary they have, but unfortunately there was no-one about.

Another plant that very much signifies Autumn was susuki, commonly called Japanese Pampas Grass.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Susuki, Japanese Pampas Grass


If there is one plant that symbolizes Autumn in Japan it is Susuki. Miscanthus Sinensis Andress is called Chinese Silver Grass, or Eulalia in English, though it is more commonly known as Japanese Pampas Grass.

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Growing to a height of 2 metres, it is a common sight this time of the year along riverbanks and roadsides.

The reeds were formerly used as thatch for roofing.

Susuki appears in many haiku as it is the plant that symbolizes Autumn.