Saturday, November 15, 2008

Susuki, Japanese Pampas Grass


If there is one plant that symbolizes Autumn in Japan it is Susuki. Miscanthus Sinensis Andress is called Chinese Silver Grass, or Eulalia in English, though it is more commonly known as Japanese Pampas Grass.

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Growing to a height of 2 metres, it is a common sight this time of the year along riverbanks and roadsides.

The reeds were formerly used as thatch for roofing.

Susuki appears in many haiku as it is the plant that symbolizes Autumn.



  1. Ojisanjake,

    I recently read an article about a research group at Berkeley that is investigating how to make biofuel using susuki. May be an interesting proposition for rural areas in Japan if it pans out, but I like your use of susuki better. It really is beautiful.



  2. A small town in northern Hiroshima, Oasa, plants rape on all the waste land. The oil is then used for cooking. Waste oil is collected and drives the local taxis and buses...