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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Modern Ikebana: some works of Shogo Kariyazaki


A few days ago I paid a visit to Yuushien, the Jaoanese garden located on a small island in the Nakaumi Lagoon that is bordered by both Shimane and Tottori.

It was a drizzly day, so I spent more time inside the buildings and the various covered areas scattered around the gardens, and so the large Ikebana displays were perhaps more noticable. I had seen similar displays on previous visits but had not paid them much mind, but these were more attention-grabbing.

For the last ten years a Shogo Kariyazaki has been installing his flower arrangements at Yuushien. I must admit I had no idea who he was, not being a particular fan of flower arranging, nor watching any Japoanese TV, but he is perhaps the most well-known "flower artist" in Japan.

Yuushien is famous for its Peonies, and almost all the Kariyazaki pieces on display featured them. They are in bloom around the garden too and also in a special Peony House.

His work is obviously bolder and brighter than I would have expected Ikebana pieces to be. He has exhibited widely outside Japan and also collaborates with artists and designers in other media. This years exhibition runs until the end of March.