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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Akasaki Town, Tottori


This the draincover for Akasaki in Tottori. In one of the recent civic mergers it is now a part of Kotoura Town.

It was once a thriving port, but has seen better days.

In the centre of the design can be seen a group of sculptures called Fisherman and Seaspray, created in 1989 by modern Japanese sculptor Masayuki Nagare. I must admit I didn't know of him before, but he's a fascinating guy. He is the son of the founder of Ritsumeikan University. Before the war he studied Shinto, and during the war he was an elite Zero fighter pilot. His work became popular more in the U.S. at first, but now he's recognized as one of the greatest living Japanese sculptors. He has a cool website in English


We didn't get to see the sculptures, as the sun was getting low and we were looking for some quiet beach to park the van to sleep for the night. I do remember noticing that there were a couple of huge cemeteries.


We did find an isolated stretch of coast, but the beach was very rocky, though a pleasant sunset was had!