Thursday, January 18, 2024



Tazu is a small farming community on the Gonokawa River. It is the next settlement upstream from Kawado.

It has no shop, nor post office, or school, but it does have a bridge and it did have a halt on the Sanko Line railway, though I never ever saw anyone get on or off here.

It is unusual in that the land usable for agriculture is relatively wide. A friend of mine is a burdock root farmer here though he has given up and moved because of a series of disastrous floods in recent years that destroyed his crop.

Some of the houses are still inhabited but I would guess close to half are empty and abandoned.

The previous post was on Kawado to Tazu.

On the way out of the village, the road was blocked. As usual, there were no warning signs that the road was closed ahead. Also as usual I walked around the barrier and carried on....


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