Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Disappeared Japan Nagasaki Holland Village


Nagasaki Holland Village, built in 1983, was the predecessor to Huis Ten Bosch, the massive theme park at the northern end of Omura Bay in Nagasaki.

Nagasaki Holland Village, billed as a replica of Gouda and Hoorn, was mostly successful until the same company built the much bigger Huis Ten Bosch in 1992. It closed and was bought by the local authority, Seihi Town.

After spending a fortune renovating and maintaining it they leased it to a new company and it partially reopened but closed again in 2021 with very poor attendance.

With the company and the local authority in a legal battle over seemingly necessary repair work, it is very doubtful it will ever open again. 

I passed by on day 65 of my first walk around Kyushu. The previous post was the nearby Giant Torii. The previous Disappeared Japan post was the Yamane Residence.


  1. I hope they keep the buildings & turn them into homes or offices or something, so the people in Nagasaki can live in their very own little holland. Hi Ho Hollandia!

    1. I agree! It would be a shame for such charming buildings to go to waste.

    2. I seriously doubt it. Unfortunately it will probably deteriorate quite quickly. Would be nice to be wrong though.