Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Nanagi Jizoson

Nanagi Jizoson


Not far from Dainichi-Ji I came upon a small temple with many visitors even though it was early in the morning. Apparently, yesterday was major festival day.

Shrine in Japan.

The temple is named after a Jizo carving, a relief carving rather than a full 3D statue. It is dated to the late 14th century and is the main "draw" of the temple.

Nanagi Jizoson.

It is said the carving used to be held at 2 temples said to be linked to the Heike Clan.

Nanagi Jizoson.

I was most intrigued by one altar filled with a massive array of different characters, most religious, but a few secular.

Torii gate.

Immediately adjacent to the temple was a mall Hachiman Shrine built on the site of where a temple once stood.


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