Friday, November 18, 2022

Disappeared Japan Rural Temple Haikyo

Disappeared Japan Rural Temple Haikyo

Disappeared Japan Rural Temple Haikyo.

Nine years ago while approaching Iwami Ginzan while walking the Iwami Kannon pilgrimage I explored this derelict temple. It has now been demolished and removed.

I have actually come across quite a few derelict temples in the Iwami area. As the countryside has become depopulated at an increasing rate, there simply isn't enough people to support so many temples, whose main income is funerals.

Once a traditional Japanese structure is abandoned it doesn't take long for nature to begin its work of returning everything to the earth. The Japanese word for abandoned building is haikyo, and there is quite a sub-culture of people who like to visit them and document their visits.

I found a list of the original temples that made up the Iwami Kannon pilgrimage during the Edo period , and quite a few of the temples no longer existed which is why the current pilgrimage route is quite a different route.


  1. sizer99 @at gmail dot comNovember 18, 2022 at 4:07 PM

    It's nice to think that all the pictures you've taken in your decades of travel have a lot of historical value - might be worth talking to someone about preserving the archive.