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Houonin Temple 5 Kinki Fudo Myoo Pilgrimage

Houonin Temple

Houonin Temple 5 Kinki Fudo Myoo Pilgrimage.

Houoninji was founded in the late 17th century with tee erection of the Kitamukizanfudoson, the North-Facing Fudo.

Houonin Temple 5 Kinki Fudo Myoo Pilgrimage.

Located in central Osaka, not far from Ikutama Shrine, it is temple number 5 on the Kinki Fudo Myoo pilgrimage and I visited on the second day of my walk along that pilgrimage.


The statue stands against a camphor tree that was planted at the same time, and when the temple buildings were burned to the ground in WWII, only the tree and statue survived.

Houonin Temple.

On the other side of the tree is now a "south-facing Fudo", though I can nt discover when this dates from.

Buddhist statue.

It is a very compact, urban temple with only a few small buildings, but in one was another Fudo statue.

There was also this statue of who I am fairly certain is En no Gyoja, the legendary founder of Shugendo


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