Thursday, August 13, 2020

Fudo Myo at Kosenji Temple

While putting this post together I noticed a curious thing. The Fudo MyoO statues has one eye wide open and one half closed. I had never noticed that before. I looked through some other photos of Fudo statues and most of them have two wide-open eyes, but a few have one eye haf closed. Not sure of the significance, though more research is needed. If ay reader knows, please say in the comments.

This rather fine arrangement of statues centered on Fudo was in the grounds of Konsenji temple in Ebino Miyazaki, number 42 on the Kyushu Pilgrimage, a Shingon pilgrimage and so with quite a few statues of Fudo around.

As well as this large one, there were a couple of smaller Fudo statues in the grounds.


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