Saturday, December 21, 2019

Raising the New Shimenawa at Hozanji

Last week  I visited the mountain temple of Hozanji in Ikoma, when I arrived at the main torii there were preparations underway to install a new shimenawa. I headed into the temple and spent some time exploring and as I later came to leave there were crowds of people around the torii holding ropes that were to lift it.

I decided to hang around and watch the ceremony. After a while a procession of priests arrived accompanied by musicians playing the ancient chinese instruments and the music of the ancient imperial court that is featured at shinto shrines sometimes.

A series of rituals and chants then took place, led by a very aged head priest.

Then the shimenawa was slowly hoisted by the crowd.


  1. Hozanji is one of the more beautiful temples, at least in my humble opinion
    Used to go there quite often as my wife worked at the temple orphanage

    1. It was my first visit and I enjoyed the walk up to the okunoin with early morning sun on the statuary