Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ocho to Akashi Ferry

The small ferry that connects Ocho on Osakishimojima Island with Akashi on Osakikamijima Island is only a ten minute journey and the distance is probably less than 3 kilometers.

It passes right under the Okamura Bridge, the last of the seven bridges that connect the islands along the Tobishima cycle path.

I recently published a piece on that cycle route over at JapanVisitor.....

Like all the short ferry journeys throughout the Inland Sea area, the views are pleasant and ever changing......


  1. Hi Jake,
    I've never heard of this road and will be keen to try it next time I'm in Japan.

    1. Hi Tony..... it starts not far from Kure and ends ony a short ferry ride from the Shimanami kaido