Sunday, January 14, 2018

Inaba Shimo Yashiki

The Inaba were the feudal lords of the Usuki Domain in present-day Oita for most of the Edo Period. When the domains were abolished in the late 19th Century the famiy were made peers and moved to Tokyo

Shimo Yashiki means "lower samurai residence", bvut what it means in this case is "second home". In the first decade of the twentieth century this large residence wwas built for them to stay in whenever they visited Usuki.

Though built in modern times it is a traditional set of buildings and also has some nice gardens.

It is located not far from the castle ruins in downtown Usuki, and if you enjoy traditional japanese architecture it is worth a visit.

Yuzukosho (yuzu pepper) is a signature product from Usuki

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  1. Hi Jake
    Your description of the Shimo Yashiki reminds me of three of my favourite buildings in Japan - the Nomura residence in Kanazawa, Katsura Rikyu in Kyoto and the Tamozawa Palace in NIkko. If I ever get back to Oita I will be sure to visit it.