Monday, July 17, 2017

An Oita Shopping Arcade

On my way out of town to walk upriver to Bungo Ono I passed through one of Oita's covered arcades.

This one had a huge model of what I believe is a Portuguese sailing ship. commemorating the city's historical connection with Portuguese trade as well as Christianity.

Arcades are a pleasant way to walk across a city without having to deal with traffic too much

Though during the daytime they can be crowded with pedestrians and bicycles


  1. Definitely an impression of a caravel with the cross of the Knights of the Order of Christ (who took over from the Templars) and who financed the Discoveries.

  2. The ship--wow! I watched the DVD of "Silence" last night, by coincidence. I hope Oita's experience with the Xns was less bloody.

    1. The lord of Oita became a christian and so did many of his people.... but they all suffered the same repression later