Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Walk Around Kyushu Day 7 Kanda to Nakatsu

I took an early train from Kokura back to Kanda to begin the days leg of my walk around Kyushu. Today would be a tad over 30 kilometers and would not include any of the pilgrimage temples, though I would visit a couple of small temples are quite a few shrines including a couple of fairy big ones.

The weather was glorious as I crossed over the first of two rivers that cut through Yukuhashi.

Cloudier weather from the south drifted in by the time I crossed the second river, though intermittent sun continued all day.

At Unoshima I passed the big powwr plant. because of the large tanks I am guessing it is oil powered.

I was into the outskirts of Nakatsu by the time the sun set.


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