Sunday, March 8, 2015

Izumo 33 Kannon Pilgrimage Temple 26 Senjyu-In

The 26th temple of the pilgrimage is located on a hillside northeast of Matsue Castle, and is known for its views over the rooftops towards the castle and for a 350 year old Weeping Cherry tree.

The temple was reconstructed on this site after the construction of Matsue Castle. It was originally in Hirose which is where the domains castle was before Matsue. This location was chosen so the temple could guard the NE direction of the castle, the direction from which demons arrived.

It is a Shingon temple and the honzon is the 11 faced Kannon.

In a clearing in the woods above the temple was a small abandoned shrine. There was no sign and it had two small buddhist figurines of Kobo Daishi in front of it, but most interesting was this group of monkey statues.

I can find no information about them, though mny first thought would be a connection to Sanno Shinto and Hiyoshi Shrine, but that was Tendai not Shingon. The larger figure seems to be holding rice.

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