Friday, December 26, 2014

Iwami Mandala Kannon Pilgrimage, Day 2 November 9th 2012


For the second day of this virtually unknown pilgrimage I start at the base of Mount Sanbe and head towards Shizuma, just a few kilometers south of where I started on the first day. That first day was all uphill so today it will be all downhill, though thankfully it is a different route so I do not have to do any backtracking.


There will be a couple of pilgrimage temples on this day, neither of which I have been to before, as well as numerous shrines, including the Ichinomiya, highest ranked shrine, of Iwami.


In the high country Fall was in full swing,


Like 99% of Iwami it was going to be rural with just a few small villages until I reached the coast.


And, of course, there were going to be surprising and unexpected things to see, which really is the main reason I do this walking.....

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  1. It is always very pleasant to read your notes about Japanese traditions that were unknown to me
    Thank You