Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Minimal Geometric Abstract

February in my village 3548

Most of the photography I am doing nowadays is documentary in nature. I photograph the things I encounter on my walks around Japan.


However, my real love is for images that are minimal, geometric, and abstract. Images concerned with pure composition.

48 Hours. 360 of 600

It is not important what the picture is "of". It is the interplay of line, shape, form, light, and shade.


So, here are a few of my personal favorites......

One Day in Coventry4774


  1. Love it, I see things like this and take color and B&W, especially on my travels into Asia. I have them in my folders and share them with a couple of friends who are photographers.

  2. You are a master in seeing and showing this sort of abstracts

  3. Spectacular! I would love to see more posts like this.

  4. I enjoy your posts. All of them.
    These interplays of line, shape, form, light, and shade are my favorites.
    And this ability shows through in all of your photographs.