Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kyushu 108 Temple Pilgrimage Temple 8 Ryushoji

Following the suggested route, temple number 8 is the third temple to visit on the pilgrimage. A small temple on the hillside above Umi, Ryushoji.

It is quite a new temple, being founded in 1968.

Like all the temples on this pilgrimage that is connected to the founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kobo Daishi, it is a Shingon sect temple.

As well as being number 8 on the Kyushu 108 pilgrimage it is number 22 on the 23 temple Kyushu Jizo pilgrimage.

The Jizo is a Tatee Jizo, prayed to for recovery from illness. There are several Fudo Myoo in the grounds and a large altar to Kannon.

The honzon of the temple is a Dainichi Nyorai, flanked by a Fudo and a Kannon. There is also a Yakushi Nyorai.

The previous post in this series on day 1 of my walk along this pilgrimage was on the nearby Naka Homan Shrine.


  1. Just want to say I enjoy seeing your images so much it's become a regular part of my life and that of my sculpture.Thank you