Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kyushu 108 Temple Pilgrimage Temple 8 Ryushoji


Following the suggested route, temple number 8 is the third temple to visit on the pilgrimage. A small temple on the hillside above Umi, Ryushoji.


There was no-one home for me to ask, so I found out very little about the temples history. The honzon ( main deity) is Dainichi, and there was a covered altar outside to Kannon with many offerings for I presume children.


With the face of a Jizo, but carrying a sword or a staff, maybe I should maybe have lifted the bib to see if anything was in the left hand.......


The mountains across the valley are where Kukai practised austerities after his return from China. My route will take me  up in those mountains the following day.


Quite probably Fudo Myo..... he has fangs, but its not clear what is in his left hand....


  1. Just want to say I enjoy seeing your images so much it's become a regular part of my life and that of my sculpture.Thank you